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Kingdom manga forecast – congratulations! ! Achieving 555 story series

Kingdom manga forecast – congratulations! ! Achieving 555 story series

(Quoted image: Professor Haru Yasuhisa Kingdom)

Congratulations from Kingdom forecast!

Young belief and the appearance of drift for the first time in a while.

I definitely will buy Young Jump this time! !

You can get 50 volumes of Comics at once! !

Well, is not there a lot of people saying that? What?

Kingdom forecast – finally crisis

Kingdom prediction This week we also came to Barre.

Well, I think that it is clearly the flow of Liaoyang war … · · ·,

A sudden beauty appeared.

Somewhere, Mr. Kuro cherry blossomed.

And Mr. Thunderland and Mr. Lin Yam are appearing and there is no appearance of fighting.

Apparently because it was ordered by Li Kaku fighting in the Zhuhai Plain?

The Zhao Army in the vicinity which had been attacking from all directions until now,

It seems that they are waiting in line with some pace.

Mr. Mitsuya came to tell the situation under his head.

It is said that all Zhao soldiers in all directions are waiting as they surround the Hanjin army.

And I can tell from the situation.

— There are more foods than the Hyangmu army. (And pretty)

That thing.

Mr. Mr. who confirms the current state where it is impossible to collaborate with the Wangju army or the Yangtoba Army.

As a result, the possible roads of the Hanjin army,

Ultimately, as a result of the results of Wang Xi or Yangtoba Army,

I tell you that there is no way other than getting food to one of them,

It is a hammock which answers nothing from there … · · ·.

The gentleman’s theory is also serious ….

Well, it was already showing from before the war,

The embarrassed face and the smile completely disappeared.

Is Han himself also really feeling the anxiety and frustration that the servants are holding? What?

Or the genius Han Ki – koto, already have the idea of ​​Wang Yu ‘s prospects, including all the throne of the politicians, are we still waiting for the expansion in the future? What?

Kingdom manga forecast – Shin Niong of the new character

Zhuhai Plain has been on for a long time.

While Ozehira raised his shouts, he showed assault on Zhao Army, showing it.

It did not hurt, it was just his provocation.

At the Honjin of the Qin Army right wing, from the other day it is not a stalemate

Kawanagi talks about the robustness of the Zhao Army who has been committed to defending, depending on the weapons ‘favorable Zhao army’ s weapon game and the endurance raid.

Wang Ming “You do not divorce”

The attitude of Wang Yu also draws attention,

Following that, I will start talking about the analysis of the situation without permission.

I trust in believing in my heart, but I can see it as if I’m relieved again.

Your Did you become a little adult? Trust (lol)

And if I just thought about situation analysis ,,,,,.

If you look closely, is that it? What?

This military assembly, already almost speaks only of the King, is not it? What?

Moreover, not only the strategy limited to the Qin army right wing,

We are beginning to speak to the strategy schedule to the strategy schedule with a view to the merger of the main central army where general general royalty is located and the Hanjin army that continues to besiege with..

Thankfully in three days, the enemies of the right wing were annihilated,

In one day, defeat the central army Lee Mak,

It joins the Hanjin army in the last day.

Wake up, but ….

Coco believed in trust and used a little head.

Shin: “Wait a moment and then we’ll be waiting without any food without fail even if all goes well.” Tsukkomi’s Tsukkomi

Yes, after all, I got confused.

Wang Shao “Once you scoop out the Lee Mercenary, there will be something from that.”

“From the small castle and the village on the way as you head towards..”

Shin “I loot you!” Wang Yu !! ”

Wang Shi “Can not you understand that your situation is not a situation where you can say cleanliness?”

Kingdom manga Forecast – Shin and Wang Dynasty, it is not yet a shogun’s instrument.
Well, well, which is which?

Wang is a warrior and there is a feeling too late even though it is a strategy,

It is the same strategy as that of Tokensha, but as usual it is a strategy proposal that is too rough and has a risk.

And finally, it is a belief that I could speak in the military,

Trust is faith, despite the bitter experiences of black sheep fighting, thought level in situation judgment has not been deepened at all.

And Mr. Shing Ning of the new character,

“To that extent,”

“It is the thing of that neighborhood is what the general Mao Wang thinks”.

What part of the neighborhood is that? What?


“How do we slaughter what we think now?”

“How do you take over Zhao Left wing in three days? Young man”

And until then, I will advance the story of Wang Yu.

Hey, is not he? What? Sudden suddenly came out and let out the King again. What?

For the time being, since it is an important scene,

Zacked together,

Wang Zhao has four ranking generals who command the Zhao Army’s left wing, Ma Han Nong, Yunlun, Zhao Xiaolong, Daigyeong have no ranking in the up and down,

As a weak point, because it is characterized by each one being easy to defeat,

First of all, it is a strategy of saying from the smallest gigantic mountain shoots.

To be honest it seems that there is only one strategy,

The idea of ​​aiming for the smallest gigantic mountain shrine · · ·.

I can not deny this feeling of chopping.

No, of course it is not just Wang Yu’s responsibility.

Both Sanko and Mr. Shing Ning put “!!” on Wang Yu’s point of view.

Separately, Wang Yu,

I have not said such a big deal? What?

Thinking normally, I was just talking about a situation where there was no way? What?

Rather, are not you feeling unhappiness to anything that has been carried over to such a situation only by that means, is not it more likely that the crisis management ability is lacking? What?

Wang Shao may have thrown all the troops of all the troops and reduced the number of enemy soldiers to some extent.

But with that all right power, even if you go hunting the Zhaongeo left wing it is the current situation.

Kingdom manga forecast – Mr. Shing Ning, the death flag immediately

Somehow it remembers general Gen.

Rao Yuan “Mengkei is increasingly anxious for young people!”

And slaughtered by a wheel tiger! ! Crying

Mr. Shing Ning realized the growth of King Wang,

I will sing the sun which has supported it.

And finally we have a prayer of mutual pray for martial arts,

Mr. Shing Ning, what role did you newly appear in this period? What?

I only have a bad feeling anymore. Crying

Although Shinwaku and others were dead indeed indeed,

Mr. Shing Ning who has such beautiful eyes, I feel that it is a little wasteful to be killed by pinching the pinch. Crying

Kingdom manga Forecast – Everyone knows the weaknesses of the Subaru Army even if it is not Lee Mak.
The common name of Mr. Hannong is a devil man of a goose-go.

And, honestly I understand that it is not fighting in a normal condition as seen from Lee Maki.

He says he is not getting angry enough to oppose a slave.

Here is the left wing of the Zhao Army here,

It can not be helped that there is not as much fighting as I thought,

Well, it is the 525th story, and the title of the story is also entitled “Magnificence of Horse Noodle”

Wang, what was it that was talking about hatefulness more than a fellow? What?

I can not help feeling it.

And from Lee Mak, there is movement to the Qin army right wing today,

There is a weak point of the submarine army is conveyed to Maannan.


Everyone reading Kingdom up to this point you will understand.

What is the Weakness of Subaru? What? What?

I do not need something like setting up exaggeratedly.


Sorry, every time Azuchi king is targeted,

Every time I send reinforcements,

I will follow up with Akira himself,

Anyone else will notice it. Crying

Wang is too important,

But I can not beat the King as a subordinate.

Even though Kole is not a weak point of the sub-army army that Lee Mak is seeing,

There are no differences in korea stand out part.

So, will battle in the Zhuhai plain after a long absence be drawn next week? What?

Or rather, that? What?

By the way, first,

It was nice to see your head after a long interval this time ~ ~.

Although I was saying,

In the end, after being stretched out again,

Moreover, even if `pinch of pinch` like a prelude to someone’s death is put in,

Again, I’m pretty jealous.

KINGDOM manga PREDICTION 555 story book Vale commentary and consideration kore is a weak point of the sub-army army – or more